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Jason Henderberg

Jason Henderberg lives in Webster with his wife, Karen, and owns the consulting company: Henderberg Business Solutions, LLC.  He has been helping small businesses to grow efficiently for over 30 years in numerous leadership roles.  With a wide range of real-world business knowledge gained primarily in the manufacturing and construction industries, he loves to continuously learn and apply the latest in business methods. His clients have typically less than 50 employees and come to him from every sector of business for operational advice. On the Board, he will strive to share this knowledge and assist with whatever strategy and organizational needs the team has, so that BTS can continue to grow into the future.

As a consultant, Jason (aka Mr. Systems) specializes in alleviating business owner stress by documenting a playbook that generates a systems-focused culture and clearly defines their best practices. His established “done for you” Systems Success programs take only 3-4 months to complete and don’t require a lot of time from the management team. He evaluates a company’s most important customer type and then extracts and documents the way that key employees support that work.  The result?  Businesses are not held hostage to any one employee who retains all of the knowledge - including the owner who couldn’t even take a vacation!  Businesses can be sold for a higher multiple because the buyer can see exactly how the organization runs. And as expected, new hire training is easier for existing staff and the incoming teammates feel more supported.  Once the core company methodology is easily accessible to all, the documents can then be leveraged to improve strategy and streamline workflow.

Jason initially came to BTS in 2019 after Carmen was referred to his foundation which donates commercially printed products to grass-roots non-profits in need. Through that relationship, he provided brochures, banners, business cards, etc. to BTS to that they could more professionally get their message out into the community. Over the years he has donated clothing goods and has even provided a lot of dog and pet-related items to BTS which have been handed out to food pantry clients in need.

When not at work, Jason loves to be out cycling and hiking around Rochester.  He also plays the upright bass, banjo and even grows bonsai trees as a hobby to exhibit at shows.

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