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Job Readiness Success Program (JSRP)

Preparing youth for successful careers


This program’s goal is to enable participants to become thriving, self-sufficient, working adults, earning a living wage.


We provide training and comprehensive wraparound support services that will equip the hard to employ and underemployed for a successful transition into the work environment.


Each candidate will be paired with mentors and coaches who will assist with social skills, job search assistance, health assessment, and business communications. Each candidate will have a team supporting them before, during, and after employment.



What is different about JRSP?

Participants are provided wrap-around coaching for life skills, plus health and wellness, in addition to technical training.

Do you help me find a job?

Yes! The program works with employer partners to find suitable full-time employment in your area of technical training.

Are there any costs?

The program pays all of the tuition costs for the technical training, plus provides additional money for work clothes, etc. The program also covers the costs of any certification testing that may be required.

Are there application fees?

Not at all! There are no costs to apply. Simply reach out to us using any of the methods below for inquiries about applying or anything else!

Get in touch with us

549 Clarissa Street

Rochester, NY 14608


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