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A summer of picnics, history, dances, and more!

It was a busy summer for us here at Beyond the Sanctuary. From historic re-enactments, to healthcare picnics with MVP Health Care, to dances with SUNY Geneseo, our annual Summer Camp activities provided fun, entertainment, and learnings for children and their families.

They provided so much fun, in fact, we got a few shout outs from our local news stations! Both 13 Wham and News 8 covered some of our happenings during our Summer Camp programs. They highlighted not just the events themselves, but how important we felt having them were for our communities.

Each article has great videos and photos for you to check out! They also include interviews with participants and our President, Carmen Allen.

You can check out 13 Wham's coverage on our Museum on Wheels event, which had a re-enactment of Rosa Park's refusal to give up her bus seat during the Civil Rights era, by following the above link.

Additionally, you can also read about some of our other events, such as our health care picnic and dance performances, on the above link written by News 8!

Image screenshot from 13 Wham's video on their segment on our Museum on Wheels, 0:39 of video.

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